Vixy & Tony is a Seattle folk/filk band, consisting of Michelle "Vixy" Dockrey (vocals, percussion), Tony Fabris (guitar), Betsy Tinney (cello), and Sunnie Larsen (fiddle). They perform acoustic folk/rock/filk at SF/Fantasy conventions, filk conventions, and coffeehouses - and, of course, at Music Under the Trees (every MUTT so far!). Website:

Photo by Sayed Alamy
Photo by Sandra Buskirk.

Betsy Tinney, cello storyteller: Using a cello and an electronic loop pedal, Betsy weaves rich, complex and varied tapestries of sound. Her original cello compositions paint pictures and tell tales, from thunderstorms and skeletal mice to dancing elephants and humpback whales. In addition to her solo work, Betsy performs with many different groups (from singer/songwriters to rock bands). She often be found beneath a very large Maine Coon cat (she has several), does calligraphy and makes jewelry, and spends an inordinate amount of time catching Pokemon. (Team Instinct; favorite Pokemon: Phanpy - of course.) Website:



There will be four concert sets -- two on Saturday, August 6 and two on Sunday, August 7.

Two of our performers are confirmed (above). Our other two performers are still TBD, but should be confirmed soon -- stay tuned!